Saturday, 11 August 2012

Days 12 and 13

Yesterday was day 12. After posting on Thursday I was racked with stomach cramps and pain. No fish pie was cooked that night, although I am still planning on cooking it in the following week or so. We unfortunately took the easy path for the past two days, fish and chips from the chippy on Thursday and frozen pizza yesterday. I was able to keep the pain at bay yesterday long enough to go down to Morrisons for milk and apples, but that was it for my day. I am feeling ok at the moment, so I used some of my energy to prepare vegetables that I'd like to use in a cottage pie and a lasagne (a la Hairy Bikers recipe) that I'm hoping to cook tonight. If I can get both cooked tonight, we can cut them up into pieces and freeze them, making for an easy microwave meal if and when I get sick again and cannot cook.

For the topping of the cottage pie, I will be using half mashed potatoes and half mashed cauliflower. Mix the two together and it makes a tasty topping with nearly half the calories and way less carbs!

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