Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Day 9

I'm not feeling quite up to par today, but I did make it up to ALDI to get a few little things. Spent £3.44 on a bag of flour (£0.52), a carton of 15 eggs (£1.25 - £0.08 each), a bag of shredded reduced fat cheddar (£1.49) and one can of red kidney beans (£0.18). I haven't eaten yet and it's already 10:45. I just don't feel like eating yet. I really hope that I haven't caught what Jethro had over the weekend.

Anyway, I am switching around some meals on the menu to accommodate me not feeling well as well as the fact that we have slightly over half a kilo of meat that has a best by date of tomorrow. I will be making philly cheesesteak soup tonight. I found this recipe over on 365 Crockpot (and I'll link to it as soon as I have permission to do so). It is wonderful! Beef, sweet bell peppers, chicken or beef or veggie broth and cheese! I'm not feeling up to making more homemade bread today, so I'll be slicing the last bit of a loaf I cooked last Sunday for Jethro. I'll probably go without bread tonight honestly.

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