Friday, 3 August 2012

Day 4

Sorry for this update being late, but dinner tonight was awesome! We had chicken and dumplings. Today was a fairly good day. Did a bit of cleaning, watched the neighbours cats play and beg for cuddles from everyone who passed in the courtyard and did a bit of research. We just finished watching a show titled The Hairy Bikers. They are on a mission to lose weight without sacrificing flavour. I do need to cut back on our portions. Not only will this help our waistlines, but it will also help our budget. With that being said, I will be visiting the store tomorrow for fresh vegetables. One thing that I'm definitely going to use: when cooked and mixed with minced beef or lean minced pork, mushrooms take on the meats flavour and has a very similar texture.

Tonight's dinner definitely wasn't that good for our waistlines, but it is a super comfort food (and I will do my best to make it healthier the next time I make it).

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