Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Day 3

Ah, another rainy day here in England! What I have planned for dinner tonight is going to be wonderful! I’m planning on making salmon patties (like my dad taught me how to make), homemade macaroni and cheese and steamed mixed vegetables.

I really hope everything turns out as well as I’m hoping for, because yesterday’s chilli didn’t exactly go over well with Jethro (my husband). Turns out he doesn’t like beans unless they are cooked nearly to mush… Anyway, I’m eating the rest of the chilli for lunch over the next few days to use it up.

The sponge cake however was a big hit. I have half of a container of strawberries still left in the fridge, and, since we are so horrid at using fruit before it spoils, I sliced some of them and sprinkled just a bit of sugar over them and put them over a slice of the sponge cake. One word: divine!

I also learned yesterday that if you add sugar to double cream and try to whip it with a whisk you end up with sweetened butter… Oh well, that just means I’ll need to add a few things and make chocolate chip cookies with it. :)  Not exactly a loss in my book!

I have also discovered that Aldi has fresh mushrooms for £1.15 per 750g, making them only £1.53 per kg! That’s even less than the cheap frozen ones that I’ve used in the past with varying success. I also purchased 250g of unsalted butter for £1.25 and a 2.5 kg bag of potatoes for £0.99 while I was at Aldi. Total spent today was £3.39, which when added to my total from earlier this week equals £10.17. Only £0.17 over what I had planned to spend this week, and I’ve purchased quite a bit for meals to come in the next few weeks. I have requested that Jethro purchase some cheese on his way home from work today (I’m not walking 3 miles just for cheese).

Anyway, enough rambling and more of what you’re probably here for, recipes!

The salmon patties cost £0.48 per serving (6 patties = 6 servings) and the pasta and cheese costs £1.88 per serving (8 servings per recipe) if I've done my calculations correctly.

Have a wonderful day!

Emily W.

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