Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Day 10

I'm still not feeling completely well today, but we are having beef curry. I'll also be making fragrant rice, red lentils, onion bhajis and naan.

I sliced the beef for the curry yesterday while I was slicing the beef for the philly cheesesteak soup. Once I finish cleaning the dishes from last night (we have a tiny sink and draining board here!) I'll start to prep my vegetables for the curry. I'm just using a prepared sauce this time, but the curry will contain beef, mushrooms, peppers and onions. This means I have a lot of onions to cut! *cue the crying*

I'll do my best to take photos of the recipes I make tonight, but no guarantees. Jethro is typically too hungry to wait on photos! I don't blame him, he needs to eat after a long days work.

Here are links to two things I'll be making tonight:

Onion Bhajis

*Note: Feeding your husband curry without fennel is signing an order for gassing yourself! We don't joke about "rumble britches" after a curry for nothing!

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